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35th Sapphire Coast Week of Golf 2015

If you would like any photos in our Gallery please send us an email and we will be happy to forward it on to you, include date and description.

Friday 23rd October 2015

Mixed American Foursomes

P1000896 P1000872 P1000873 P1000874 P1000875 P1000876 P1000877 P1000878 P1000879 P1000880 P1000881 P1000882 P1000883 P1000884 P1000885 P1000886 P1000887 P1000888 P1000889 P1000890 P1000891 P1000892 P1000893 P1000894 P1000895

Thursday 22nd October 2015

Ladies 18 Hole Stableford

P1000865P1000864P1000863P1000862P1000861 P1000860 P1000859 P1000858 P1000857 P1000856 P1000855 P1000854

Thursday 22nd October 2015

Mens 18 Hole Stableford

P1000871 P1000870 P1000869 P1000868 P1000867 P1000866

Thursday 22nd October 2015

Hole in One Shootout

P1000853 P1000852 P1000851 P1000850 P1000849 P1000848 P1000847

Wednesday 21st October 2015

Mens Stableford

P1000846 P1000834 P1000835 P1000836 P1000837 P1000838 P1000839 P1000840 P1000841 P1000842 P1000843 P1000844 P1000845

Tuesday 20th October 2015

Ladies Stableford

P1000833 P1000824 P1000825 P1000826 P1000827 P1000828 P1000829 P1000830 P1000831 P1000832

Monday 19th October 2015

Mixed Canadian Foursomes

P1000817 P1000816 P1000815 P1000814 P1000813 P1000812 P1000811 P1000810 P1000809 P1000808 P1000807 P1000806 P1000805 P1000804 P1000803 P1000802 P1000801 P1000800 P1000799 P1000798 P1000797 P1000796 P1000818

Sunday 18th October 2015

Mens 4BBB Stableford

P1000795 P1000786 P1000787 P1000788 P1000789 P1000790 P1000791 P1000792 P1000793 P1000794

Saturday 17th October 2015

Mens Par Event and Ladies 4BBB Stableford

P1000774 P1000773 P1000772 P1000771 P1000785 P1000775 P1000776 P1000777 P1000778 P1000779 P1000784 P1000783 P1000782 P1000781 P1000780


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