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Committees and Rosters

Board of Directors meet on the last Monday of the Month at 6:00pm or more often as required. David Boag (President), Tony Freeman (Vice-President), Malcolm Hughes (Treasurer), Ian Franks (Club Captain), Margaret Gaunson, Greg Cameron, Peter White, Geoff Graham and Paul Welsford.   Golf Services Committee Ian Franks (Chairperson), Rod Smith (Men’s Captain), Ian Ashton (Men’s Vice-Captain), Pat Went (Ladies Captain), Lynda Jolly (Ladies Vice-Captain), Tony Freeman,  Glenn Warne (Club Professional) and Peter McMullen.   House Committee meets on the second Monday of the Month at 5pm. Margaret Gaunson (Chairperson),  Greg Cameron, Eva Crow (Ladies President) and Lynda Jolly.  Course Development Committee meet on the first Tuesday of the Month at 2pm. Tony Freeman (Chairperson), Pat Wilson (Superintendent), Glenn Warne, Ian Franks, Peter McMullen, Ian Murray, Jill Ricardo, Lloyd Jenkins.   Men’s Match Committee Rod Smith (Chairperson / Men’s Captain), Ian Ashton (Men’s Vice-Captain), Glenn Warne (Club Professional), Bob McDonald.   Ladies Match Committee meet as required. Pat Went (Chairperson / Ladies Captain), Lynda Jolly (Ladies Vice-Captain), Heather York, Sarina Garrett,    Tournament Committee:

  • Match Desk Roster –    September 2017  OCTOBER 2017 ROSTER
  • Men’s Trophy Donor List –
  • Mixed Trophy Donor List –
  • Ace of Clubs Tournament Roster –
  • SCWoG – Tournament Roster –

Finance Committee Malcolm Hughes (Chairperson / Treasurer), David Boag (President), Tony Freeman (Vice-President) and Ryan Clark (General Manager).   Executive meet as required David Boag (President), Tony Freeman (Vice-President),  Ian Franks (Club Captain) and Mal Hughes (Treasurer).   Strategic Planning & Business Modelling meet as required David Boag (President), Tony Freeman (Vice President) and Mal Hughes ( Treasurer).   Disciplinary Committee meet as required Margaret Gaunson (Chairperson), Tony Freeman and Mal Hughes.   Ladies Committee meet monthly on the 1st Wednesday. Eva Crow (President), Pat Went (Captain), Carlene Ramsay [Vice-President], Lynda Jolly (Vice-Captain), Judi Lawrence  [Secretary], Heather York (Handicapper), Sarina Garrett (Asst Handicapper), Joy Holt, Elizabeth Bragg & Fiona Stafford (Committee Members)

  • Ladies Card Duty –
  • Ladies Trophy Donor List –
  • Ladies Match Desk Roster –

Friday Raffle Roster –   October – 1st December 2017