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News posts from May 2013

Sausage Sizzle 9 hole Medley S/ford – Friday 31st May

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Winners: Allen Francis [22-2] 20 / M Crimmins 15

Ladies Ball Comp: Helen Rowney 14, P Wardaugh 14

Mens Ball Comp: Peter White 19, Tony Freeman 18, Ohil Elwood 18, Russell Roberts 18

NTP-17th: Don McCarthy 550cm

Lucky Card Draw collected by John Davies

Ladies Stableford – Thursday 30th May

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Daily Winner:  Ros Rowlinson [11] 34 pts   Trophy Donor:  Pam Appleby

A Grade:    Ros Rowlinson [11] 34 pts;  Kath Rawson [24] 33 pts c/b

B Grade:    Robyn Carnegie [29] 31 pts c/b;  Betty McPhail [26] 31 pts

NTP's:  4th Wendy Moon 374cm [Wharf];  6th Lynne Bothamley 650cm;  22nd Carlene Ramsay 7mtrs;  27th (2nd shot) Helen Haining 300cm

Ball Comp (dtl):  to 26 pts c/b – 17 balls

Starters:  59 on Course 2 [19-27; 1-9]

Men’s Stableford – Wednesday 29th May

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A Grade: Malcolm Abbott [4] 39 , Stephan McCartney [12] 37

B Grade: Tony Stove [18] 42 , Neil Ffrench [15] 38

C Grade: David Jones [19] 37 , John Pollard [21] 36

D Grade: David Langdon [28] 39 c/b , Allan Richardson [26] 39

Ball Comp to:  33 c/b [42 winners]

Nearest The Pins:

4th Andy Sheppard 10cms, 6th Bob Hart  104cms, 22nd Les Roberts 212cms, 27th Neile Clough 600cms

Eagle:  Malcolm Abbott on 25th

154 starters played on course 2, Holes 19-27, 1-9

Ladies Par – Tuesday 28th May

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Winner:  Jeanice Crawford [34] Square     Trophy Donor:  Margaret Gaunson

Runner/up:  Patricia Martin [12] -1

NTP's:  6th Michelle Martin 99cm [Splash n Dash];  17th Mary Firth 524cm

Ball Comp (dtl):  to -4 (10 balls)

Starters:  38 on Course 1 [1-18]

Also played:  1st Round Singles Matchplay


Medley 4BBB Par – Sunday 26th May

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1st: Bruce and Jenny McLaren +7 [Peter and Anne Lavender Trophy]

2nd: David and Wendy Fleming +6

Ball Comp: to +4 Tony Freeman and Anne Pointon, Helen and Phil Rowney, Shirley and Ian Esdaile, Anne and Peter Lavender.

NTP-6th: Lola Smith 196cm; Tony Freeman 159cm

Lucky Card Draw collected by Joan and Terry Brooks.

Mixed Fourball Match Play – Semi Finals

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Winners of the Semi Finals progressing to next Sunday's Final for the Bob and Anne McDonald Trophy are:-

Bruce and Margaret Gaunson

Harold Patterson and Lisa McBean

Michael Potter’s Hole in One

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Michael scored a hole in one on the 22nd yesterday [May 25]. Congratulations Michael Potter.

Men’s 4BBB Stableford – Saturday 25th May

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1st: Bruce Morley , John Morrice 45 c/b

2nd: Kim Robinson , Michael Potter 45 c/b

3rd: Lawrie Fox, Neil Barden  45

4th:  Boc Hart , Bruce Walker 44

Ball Comp to: 42  c/b [30winners]

Nearest the Pins:

11th Michael Potter 310cms, 17th Ian Murray , 22nd Michael Potter HOLE-IN-ONE, 27th Travis Wheeler 230cms

116 starters played for the Bob Hart Trophy. Course 3 , Holes 10-27