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Committees and Rosters

Board of Directors meet on the last Monday of the Month at 6:00pm or more often as required. Chair President, all Directors and Club Secretary (non voting) and if required minute Secretary.

Tony Freeman (President)

Wendy Maxworthy (Vice President)

David Burgess (Treasurer)

Mark Phillips (Club Captain)

Geoff Uren (Director)

David Hare (Director)

Jeanette Hall (Director)

Ian Ashton (Director)

David Boag (Club Secretary – non voting)

Executive – Chair President,  Vice President, Treasurer, Club Captain and Club Secretary (Non Voting)

Finance & Technology – Chair Treasurer, President, Kyle Shook (Finance Manager) and Kathy Rawson (CPA)

Strategic Planning & Projects – Chair David Hare (Director), Jeanette Hall (Director) Allan Crowe (Member), plus other members as required.  Pat Wilson (Course Superintendent) is invited to participate as required.

Course Development Committee – Chair Geoff Uren (Director), Jeanette Hall (Director), Pat Wilson (Course Superintendent), and 3 or 4 Members.  Glenn Warne (Club Professional) invited to participate as required.

Golf  – Chair Club Captain, Vice President, Men’s Captain, Ladies Captain Men’s Vice Captain, Lady Vice Captain.  Men’s & Ladies Match Committees & Tournament Committees are sub committees of the Golf Committee.  Responsible for all golf matters including planning, organising, execution and accountability for major tournaments. Liaison with Pat Wilson (Course Superintendent) through the Chair of the Course Development Committee and Glenn Warne (Club Professional) who is invited to participate in the Golf & Match Committees as required.

House & Marketing – Chair Ian Ashton (Director), Vice President, Club Secretary, Krista Scannell (office staff), Kate Walker (member marketing), Will Lau (Po Loy Caterer), plus other members as required. Responsible for PMGC marketing and publicity and :

  • Liason with catering contractor for Kitchen and Bar Manager for bar maintenance and development, Clubhouse developments, gaming, maintenance and re-decoration planning, equipment and furnishings, member complaints.
  • Preparing Rosters for manning Friday & Wednesday night events (such as members draw).
  • Liaison and co-ordination with catering contractor and bar manager  for planning and preparing for functions & entertainment

Health & Safety at Work – Chair Ian Ashton (Director) plus 3 or 4 members as required

Disciplinary – Geoff Uren (Director) and Ian Ashton (Director), with an additional director committee member as necessary according to the type of charge considered.

Ladies Committee – Chair Jill Ricardo, Deputy Leonie Bell.  Responsible to the Board for committee proceedings and submission of monthly reports